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Bathroom.Guide provides you with the latest news, shopping tips, and valuable recommendations on bathroom appliances. 

Our team works very hard to update the newest information and give the best deals with best value to readers. We are people who have experience in the bath's stuff field, including reviewers, bloggers, and others who know very well about bathrooms.

We deeply understand that users need a trustable and reliable source to get suggestions about the most high-end quality bath products. Our team promises to give you the most realistic experience about the products that we recommended to you on our website.

With the understanding that our dearest readers need real-life reviews about the products they want to buy, we hope to make quality contributions to bring the best advice for the readers that trust us.

We deeply appreciate the feedback of our readers to help improve the website and reach more people. We will always listen to your feedback and try our best to bring good service to you.

We believe that together, we can share our experiences in the bath field to everyone who needs it.

Our Team

Hana-Mendes Hana Mendes covers everything related to home stuffs including bathroom stuffs, kitchen and garden stuffs at Bathroom.Guide. She has experiences with all the new bathroom stuffs since she is in love with the idea of helping people around her choose the best products for their home. She knows what is best for readers and loves to give advice on how to enjoy life to the fullest! Read more.


Jeremy-Hawkins Jeremy Hawkins has over 15 years of experience working as a freelance writer and editor at prestigious lifestyle journals. He specializes in producing SEO and affiliate content in various areas, including bathroom stuffs, heath, fitness and tech. He is such a know-it-all kind of person. If you have any questions, he can give a useful answer right away! Read more.